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cate that calves under months of age are less susceptible to

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complete it gives a false security. To successfully employ immuniz

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and failed to react. Treatment for helminthiasis followed with

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commerce between the Unitetl States and Mexico are well

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iodine. Give Dover s powder increase veratrnm till pulse is

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lies in a deranged state of the sympathetic a lack of confidence

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excess drain it off health fails the vital forces can supply no

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the disease. This was followed by the contributions of Pasteur

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men though with respect to this we think it is somewhat doubt

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Recent bacteriological work has forever settled the pathol

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hemorrhages are always associated with a broken down condi

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A very important feature in this disease has been brought out

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covered an area about by inches in size. Some of these

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experience with cattle and familiarity with conditions simulat

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of Dr. Hawkins time. He was an organizer of the Michigan

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adequate control of vaginal cervical and uterine foci of infection

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symptoms in the chronic form infiltration of the apices of the

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to die in their respective flocks. In the following year other fowls

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teria but identical with boils. Internally sulphide of calcium

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dences of kind consideration toward this conference and its mem

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by the medical authorities. It is not found because it is not

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The author describes the use of specific serums as a rapid

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tributed to derangements of the nervous system. Many cases

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it is that this remedy used by all the American and by very

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Since the inauguration of the germ theory of disease there

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uncinaria present there is always a poor quality of fur. This

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haustion is greatly benefited by the occasional administration of

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