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Our custom built hire pumps are of the highest quality. We have a rigorous maintenance schedule on all of our equipment to ensure minimum downtime, as well as maximising efficiency which saves on fuel and reduces CO2 output.

Pump SetsPumpMotorDetails
6 BA-C200H Cummins QSX-15 1800rpm-400kw-Flow230lt/sc-800m3/hr-max head 160mtrs/hd
4 Davey 150x125-315 Stainless Steel Perkins 1004-44T S/S-1700rpm - 70kw -flow-120 lt/sc-55mts
4 Davey 150x125-315 Stainless Steel Perkins 1006-6TW S/S-2100rpm - 104kw -flow-150lt/sc-85mts
2 DPS TS150HH Trash pump Perkins 1004-44T 1700 rpm - 70 kw -flow-86lt/sc-58mts
9 Davey 200x150-500 Cummins QSM -11 1800 rpm - 268 kw -flow-220lt/sc -155mts
10 Davey 250x200-400 Cummins QSX-15 1800 rpm - 268 kw -flow-320lt/sc-96mts
2 Sykes Cummins 6CTA8-3 1800 rpm - 250HP -flow-150lt/sc-150m3 Head
1 SAM- 250x150-650 Cummins QSX -15 1900 rpm - 400 kw -flow-100lt/sc-250mts
2 BA-C250S4 Cummins QSX15 1800rpm-400kw-max flow500lt/sc-1800m3/hr-max head 110mt/hd

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Dewatering coal mine with 6 high flow pumps, 6 megalitres/hour



Our Services

  • Hiring large volume water pumps to the mining industry
  • Pump and Plant Hire
  • Construction Dewatering
  • Fitters supplied to highly maintain equipment
  • Custom Pumps
  • Supply poly pipe if required
  • We Service WA, NT & QLD

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Helpful Staff

Should you require any further information on what pump set would be suitable for your dewatering requirements, please call Graham Wilson 0418893678 or General Manager Dave Weaver 0413251252